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Design and Manufacture | Total Electronic Solutions


Total Electronic Solutions is ideal for those seeking small to medium batch production with a focus on quality and customer service. You will never feel rushed when dealing with us. No upfront design costs.

PCB Design

For over 30 years, we have been providing a total PCB solution, including printed circuit board design, manufacture and assembly, from CAD design and development through to manufacture and assembly.

We offer complete system design, including embedded software and programmable logic.

We take great care to make sure we understand exactly what your needs are to ensure that all product designs are exactly what you want. We understand the importance of practical designs, functionality and reliability and ensure that each is carefully considered at all times.

PCB Manufacture

Whether you are at the conception stage or looking have a product that needs reverse engineering we can assist you. Our team will guide you from concept through to prototyping and then on to full production. We take great pride in our innovative thinking and practical approach.

Quality is of great importance to us. Our team carefully inspects and tests every product that leaves our production line. With manufacturing based in the UK, you can be assured that Total Electronic Solutions sources only the highest quality materials for use in our products.

Where we find we are really unique is in the support we offer during the design process and the whole product life cycle. We do not charge additional fees for and tweaks and integrations you may need. Our technical specialists love what they do and are always willing to offer support.


Enclosure Design

We design and manufacture complete products, including mechanical assembly and wiring. We carefully consider practicality, cost, aesthetics, colour, environmental accessibility and serviceability in our enclosure design.

We pride ourselves on our focus on customer experience and end product quality. We do not charge upfront costs for design nor do we charge expensive fees to review and amend the product once manufactured. We have a clear focus on an iterative design methodology allowing us to work closely with the client to reach their ideal solution.