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Total Electronic Solutions | Quality Electronics

About Us

We offer a complete electronic product design and manufacturing service.

No upfront design costs and no ongoing development costs!

Total Electronic Solutions

Total Electronic Solutions is a complete electronic design and manufacturing solutions business with over 25 years experience.

We can assist you in taking your idea from an initial concept through to production. We specialise in electronic product design and manufacture; from the internal electronic systems through to final product enclosures. We can design and manufacture your complete product.

Our offices are based in Manchester, UK and contain some of the latest equipment in PCB manufacturing. Feel free to get in touch.

We offer a complete solution

We can offer a complete design and manufacture solution to your needs. We consider all aspects of your product; from internal electronic components, through to the external enclosure design. We work with you to make sure every aspect of your product is right.

We offer complete end-to-end ODM services working closely with our clients from initial concept discussions, through the specification, prototype and verification phases, through to the pilot and first production phase.

As well as taking an initial idea through to production, we specialise in reverse engineering. If you have an existing product, but want to make changes or simply want a new supplier, we can reverse engineer the product and manufacture for you.

Why we are Unique

We find the support that we offer our customers sets us apart; support not only during the initial design and production phase, but throughout the whole product life cycle.

We do not charge any additional fees for any tweaks or revisions you may need to make. Our technical specialists love what they do and are always willing to offer support and make sure your product is right.

Contact us for a friendly and no obligation chat. We are here to help and welcome you enquiries!


Our friendly team has over 100 years combined experience within the electronics industry. You can trust in our expertise and be assured that you will receive both high quality service and products.  

Responsive Approach

We work with you to make sure your product is exactly what you are looking for. Over the course of our relationship we will continue to tweak and adjust the design as you see fit. All at not additional cost.


We pride ourselves on the great value we offer clients. No up front design costs or fees to change a design. That’s all part of the service. 

Malcolm Baxter, Managing Director,

  • "Our focus on customer experience is what has proven most successful for us. We are approachable, friendly and a great team. We don't charge additional costs for ongoing product development, we love what we do and we love working with each of our customers."